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January Scent Project thoughts and musings.


Interview: John Biebel with Sergey Borisov at Fragrantica

John Biebel

It was a great pleasure to speak with perfume writer Sergey Borisov of Fragrantica in a new interview that ran today. We talk together a lot about the process of making perfumes, but then he goes on to review two of the scents (Eiderantler and Vaporocindro.) He asks excellent questions and his reviews are poetic. Please have a view over at Sergey's article, I think it's one of the best experiences I've had working with a writer to date.


More thoughts on Vaporocindro, new packages, and upcoming holidays

John Biebel

Vaporocindro has had more reviews come in by our extended international perfume community. Brazilian blogger and perfume expert Cassiano Silva, at his site Perfumart, goes in depth explaining the differences between spices such as saffron and turmeric, which helps in understanding the perfume. You can read his review here at his site.  It's also been featured by video blogger Sentinel from Australia, and may be viewed here on Youtube. Because of the complexity of this particular scent, I really appreciate that reviewers have taken the effort to dissect the smell and understand it better. There's no question that it is complex and multi-layered. I really appreciate the sensitivity and efforts these reviewers have brought to the fragrance. Also, Binxcat gives a review on her blog that touches upon the notion of hypnosis and dream-states. I was particularly intrigued by this since such neural states are huge in my mind and something I strive to replicate via perfume. I hope that all things I create can conjure up such moments in some small way. Thank you again to all the reviewers for their amazing work in describing something so abstract as scent.

Boxes for 30 ml perfumes, January Scent Project

Boxes for 30 ml perfumes, January Scent Project

In other news, it's really exciting to mention that we've finally got in the new packaging for the 30 ml bottles of perfume. It took some time and careful thinking about how I wanted to move forward with individual packages for the smaller perfumes, but after consulting with the box manufacturer and looking at options, and doing a lot of design work, it's complete. Each box is "personalized" for each individual perfume, marked by it's own frontal design line-work, and a small color stripe on the left side. It's a really big new step for the perfumes as the smaller bottles now have more of their own identity alongside the 100 ml creations.


January Scent Project also had some great exposure during Waltham Mills Open Studios, where I was showing my work as a painter. Nearly 3,000 people visit Waltham Mills each year to see the artisans who work in this historic converted mill just outside Boston, MA. It was a great time to introduce the public who usually just know me by my work as an artist to the work I do as a perfumer as well. It made for some fascinating conversations and I was able to expand the artistic conversation.

In keeping with the growing tradition of sales which accompany the nearing holiday season, I'll be offering discounts to celebrate the new packages and our upcoming Thanksgiving here in the US. It's a generous time, so all the more fitting. Look for info here on the site and in email to come very soon.

First Review for New Fragrance

John Biebel

Vaporocindro had its first review from esteemed writer Ida Meister of Ca Fleure Bon. She refers to the perfume as a study of hygge, the Danish idea of simple pleasures, warmth, candlelight and reflection. From her review:

Vaporocindro is atmospheric and wistfully tender, much like a melancholy kiss edged with divine decay. Its spices are very Ayurvedically warming: turmeric (the “crown jewel of the spice world” ~ Yoga Journal), black pepper, cumin. They contribute without overwhelming the composition as a whole. Black currant and apple smell resolutely tonic and mouthwatering; the jonquil is genius (granted, I am a fan), imparting that fresh-snapped verdant floralcy which is later tempered by arid woods, hot black coffee, silken sandalwood of John’s own devising, and ambergris. Davana’s sweet, wine-like fruity balsamic tones compliment lilac; they enhance each element by infusing a boozy, woody/herbal character and innate delicious decadence.
— Ida Meister, Ca Fleure Bon review of Vaporocindro

Ca Fleure Bon is also offering a giveaway alongside the review, so do check it out while it is still available. A big thank you to the creators and Ida for such delicately-woven words that bring a new light to this work.