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Independent artisan made perfumes.


Smolderose is the parfum available from January. A mixture of the scent of roses and smoke, it is a perfume oil for women and men, containing notes of benzoin, Edward Rose attar, castoreum, labdanum, angelica, cade, cedar, citronella, hazelnut, cashmeran, rose geranium, mandarin, agarwood, black pepper, birch tar, Peru balsam, honey and tobacco.

Smolderose is the scent by the January project. It is a perfume for women and men combining the deep resinous allure of smoky trails with velvety green and red roses. It contains notes of Rosa Bourbona (Edward Rose), Mandarin, Hazelnut, Cade Oil, Citronella, Cedar, Cade, Labdanum, Angelica, Peru Balsam, Benzoin, Black Pepper, Cumin, Pine Needle, Honey, Agarwood, and Tobacco.