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Fragrantica Interview and Review by Ida Meister

John Biebel

That fascinating writer, thinker, musician, nurse, and 'just about talented with anything that's put in front of her' Ida Meister wrote a wonderful piece about Smolderose for Fragrantica. I have the immense pleasure of knowing Ida in real life (not just internet life) and she is everything that she appears to be online, but so much more. I've yet to meet someone who knows as much as she does about perfume, about the senses, about nerves and perception and pathways. On top of this, she writes about it all with such precision and depth, maintaining a conversational rapport that keeps the reader afloat in a sea of knowledge and joy simultaneously. This isn't an easy task, and her years of dedication to the crafts of both writing and scent have informed her exceedingly well. It truly is an honorable pleasure to be the subject of her gifted pen.

You can read our conversation and her thoughts about Smolderose at Fragrantica. You may also contribute your thoughts about Smolderose at the Fragrantica page for the perfume here on their site.