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First Review for New Fragrance

John Biebel

Vaporocindro had its first review from esteemed writer Ida Meister of Ca Fleure Bon. She refers to the perfume as a study of hygge, the Danish idea of simple pleasures, warmth, candlelight and reflection. From her review:

Vaporocindro is atmospheric and wistfully tender, much like a melancholy kiss edged with divine decay. Its spices are very Ayurvedically warming: turmeric (the “crown jewel of the spice world” ~ Yoga Journal), black pepper, cumin. They contribute without overwhelming the composition as a whole. Black currant and apple smell resolutely tonic and mouthwatering; the jonquil is genius (granted, I am a fan), imparting that fresh-snapped verdant floralcy which is later tempered by arid woods, hot black coffee, silken sandalwood of John’s own devising, and ambergris. Davana’s sweet, wine-like fruity balsamic tones compliment lilac; they enhance each element by infusing a boozy, woody/herbal character and innate delicious decadence.
— Ida Meister, Ca Fleure Bon review of Vaporocindro

Ca Fleure Bon is also offering a giveaway alongside the review, so do check it out while it is still available. A big thank you to the creators and Ida for such delicately-woven words that bring a new light to this work.