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New Scent in the Works for Trunk Show at Tigerlily Perfumery, Saturday July 8th in San Francisco

John Biebel

I'm excited to announce two happenings: First, I'll be doing a trunk show at Tigerlily Perfumery in San Francisco on Saturday, July 8th, along with perfumer Jessica Hannah. This will be my first event with Tigerlily, and it will be a great opportunity to meet folks from that great neighborhood, and to talk with them about the January Scent Project perfumes. 

I'm also very happy to be unveiling a perfume that is currently in progress for the event at Tigerlily. It as yet doesn't have a name, and it may not be complete before the event, but I'll still be sharing the progress. I can say a few things about the scent so far. It's a dive into the world of floral scents that I've previously not explored, so it is a new and fascinating territory.

Smelling strips of components for the new fragrance, June 2017.

Smelling strips of components for the new fragrance, June 2017.

Its primary notes so far are lilac, coconut milk, and turmeric, but it is evolving, so they may shift, but seems to be at the heart of this perfume. Heart is a good word to use since the scent is very heavy in the middle notes - another new innovation for me as I tend to love dwelling in the base.

I'll be sending out more info shortly about the upcoming show at Tigerlily, and I hope to see you there!