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John Biebel

It's been a busy summer for January Scent Project, beginning with the Trunk Show at Tigerlily, and then with the development of Perfume #4 (which is still undergoing some work, to be released within approximately a month.) This scent was debuted in an earlier form at the Tigerlily event as a work in progress but has evolved over July and August into something richer but also more sublime. More news to come on that front very soon.

Meanwhile, there has been some excellent press around the three January Scent Project perfumes. We were mentioned in a wonderful article by Alex Musgrave (writer for Ca Fleure Bon and other freelance projects in the UK and US.) The magazine is a luxurious affair dedicated to beautiful and radical approaches to gardening, based in the UK, called Rakesprogress, and Smolderose is mentioned in a piece about rose perfumes.

from The Scent of a Rose by Alex Musgrave, writer in Scotland, for Rakesprogress magazine, UK.

from The Scent of a Rose by Alex Musgrave, writer in Scotland, for Rakesprogress magazine, UK.

We've also been the subject of some excellent video reviews online, including those by Pep at The Scentinel, and his fascinatingly detailed review of Selperniku:

And also a review by Max Forti of Eiderantler:

I was part of a workshop of indie perfumers on Ca Fleure Bon called "Perfumers Workshop: The ART of Artisan Perfume and the Next Generation" alongside some incredible perfumers such as Claire Baxter of Sixteen 92, Daniel Gallagher of Gallagher Fragrances, Pissara Umvijani of Dusita Paris and Prin Lomros of Pryn Parfums. All three fragrances were also featured by Brazillian writer and perfume reviewer Cassiano Silva of Perfumart in his review of all three scents by January Scent Project. Eiderantler was also reviewed by Odiferess blog in a fascinating essay at her corner of the web. I'm very grateful for the attention that the scents have received - I extend very warm thanks to all who have taken time out to describe the perfumes and for the writers' close, critical noses and eyes.

I can't help but betray a bit of ease which envelops me as we head into the autumn. This is a generous time, and to the world of perfumers, a bounty. The wide landscape of flowers now gives way to woods, spices, and late bloomers like chrysanthemums (my favorite of all flowers.) but it's a time to reflect, nurture, and learn. I love the landscape at this time and get more inspiration than ever when the nights grow cooler. So as perfume #4 comes into its own, #5 is not far behind, and the ideas for that are incubating as I speak. I hope you are all looking toward autumn with open arms and with leaves falling peacefully on you. This is a time of magic, smoke, shadows, bright skies, and orange against blue.