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Burvuvu, New Season and New Location

John Biebel

So much has been happening for January Scent Project in the last few months that it would be hard to summarize, but I will do my best. Most importantly, the enterprise made an important move to a new location in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, just a few miles over the border south of Massachusetts. The operation was becoming too large to manage from my painting studio so now it has a space all its own. I've spent the summer relocating the works there, continuing development on the latest perfume release, and working on what will be the next release later in 2018. 

Prior to this big change, I was able to join a number of my colleagues at Excense in Milan, Italy as a reporter for Fragrantica, and had some wonderful exchanges with perfumers, writers, bloggers and all kinds of enthusiasts from the fragrance community. It was an unforgettable experience, completed with another week soaking in the arts of Firenze. One of the highlights of this April was meeting the fantastic video blogger Yanna (Tommelise). It's one of the few times that I really felt pleased with the results - she is a natural interviewer!

While I was there, I passed around a prototype of a cedar-based fragrance that I had been tinkering with, but wasn't quite sure if it was ready. I got some great feedback from folks and a few months later after the move was complete and I was able to put the last bits in place, Burvuvu was finished. I smelled about 12 different kinds of regional cedars in order to find the ones that worked best for this. I narrowed it down to three: Texas cedar, Canadian White cedar, and West Coast red cedar (Californian.)

Burvuvu Retro Ad Poster 

Burvuvu Retro Ad Poster 

There are many other notes as well, including some spices (ginger,) and some balsamic greenery (basil,) and some unusual notes that bring out a particularly leaf-scattered, peaty kind of cedar that I'd been hoping to arrive at (mushroom, henna, honey.) Burvuvu is now available and will be shipping on September 7th, 2018 in the 30 ml size, and at the end of September for the 100 ml size (when new packaging has arrived.)

Burvuvu 100 ml

Burvuvu 100 ml

Special offers will be available to accompany the new fragrance, so stayed tuned for details, and thank you again for your support for January Scent Project.