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John Biebel

About a week ago, the new perfumes were released. Selperniku, Smolderose, and Eiderantler all had their debut in their new bottles and packages last week, and it was a culmination of many feelings: accomplishment, concern (is everything set and ready?), and hopefulness. I've had so many good people around me, and when that happens, you are tempted to ask, "So, how does this look?"

It also means that what was private is now public, and that's a big leap. Perfume making is such an extraordinarily private undertaking. There really can only be just you at that table in front of the bottles, pipettes, computer, notebooks, scale. It's just you bringing it all home at night to test, and all you making the judgment calls as to what road you'll take; your next step. When you tell "the world" that you're done and ready to share, it's rather sudden, unplanned. But, putting it all together, it is a feeling of release. It's an extremely positive sensation. Letting go and taking in at the same time.

I've been blessed with two very insightful early reviews of the perfumes. Erica Golding from Australian Perfume Junkies has written beautifully about Eiderantler in her review, saying "the grassy and herbal notes glow brilliantly, but they are elegantly tempered by the velvety moss and hay. The composition is fresh yet rounded, conjuring emotions of peaceful optimism." Another reviewer, Joseph Sagona of The Scented Apprentice writes about Selperniku, describing it as "... a creamy, dreamy, very rich, plush, over the top sandalwood, that smothers over a salty, slightly melted, smooth butter, and a tea-tinged, soothing, subtle chamomile." These are both very gratifying reactions to the new scents, and I'm glad to see the optimism that they're inspiring, as I'd hoped it would be understood. Fragrances are extremely subjective, but it's good to know that Spring has been embedded in the evolution of these scents and it has translated as well.

I'm excited by two interviews I did this weekend which will soon become online stories. I'll post the links as they come.

One last bit of news: I was able to acquire the 30ml bottles that I'd so wanted for the perfumes (in addition to the 100ml ones), and so in about a week to ten days, they will each have their release as 30ml versions, too. This will be as individual scents and as a specially priced set. They are tall, thin, sleek bottles that are easily portable so great for grabbing and going. 

I'd like to thank all the people for thoughts, suggestions, ideas, and well wishes during the past year as I worked away getting phase two of The Project into motion. Your patience and thoughts and interest have made this possible.