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144 Moody Street
Waltham, MA 02453

Independent artisan made perfumes.



January Scent Project

The January Scent Project is an exploration in perfume and scent creation from the hands and mind of a visual artist. The first perfume offering, Smolderose perfume oil, was created over months in the artist's studio at the historic Waltham Mills Studios, former paper mills from the 19th century now used as studios and maker spaces. 2017 saw the emergence of 4 new unisex fragrances: Smolderose (eau de parfum), Eiderantler (green fougère eau de parfum), Selperniku (Salt, milk and fruit eau de parfum), and Vaporocindro (Wood, spice, and flower vapor perfume). Read the blog, check out the perfumes, and find out more in the about section.