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Words With Lucy Raubertas of Indie Perfumes

John Biebel

Last week I spoke for well over an hour with Lucy Raubertas, writer, artisan, perfume expert, and connoisseur of all things cultural. She is also a friend, so this was a great opportunity to catch up. She put together a blog post on the new perfumes that was so insightful, it left me thinking that she'd found more to what I'd been making than I'd even considered myself. As she said so well later about the writing process, "I like to bring something to the table." It's very important to me, as a reader, to see this as well. What does someone else think, feel, interpret?

Her essay about Selperniku, Eiderantler, and Smolderose was so engrossing, vivid, and drew together threads into a kind of Northern mossy tapestry so well suited to the scents. You can read her thoughts here at her blog, Indie Perfumes.

What is particularly nice about this experience is that Lucy is one of the first people to smell the very first version of the very first Smolderose, back in 2015 when I had poked around with alternate versions of the scent for many months. We all agree at that time that it needed work, so it was back to the drawing board, but armed with a lot of important feedback. It's a joy to come full circle with Lucy and hear her thoughts once again.

Thoughts from The Scented Apprentice

John Biebel

January Scent Project received a glowing and poetic review at the hands of New York-based blogger Joseph Sagona at his blog The Scented Apprentice. Joseph's reviews are particularly interesting for his 'life of the perfume' approach, telling the reader all that he is experiencing as he's wearing it throughout the day, from initial application to dry down. It's a great method that he applies for every scent that he reviews, and it creates an excellent baseline from which to draw interesting distinctions between fragrances. 

From Joseph's review:

I find this to be very sensual, seductive and sexy, it has the roughness and edge of a cold winters day in an evergreen forest as you're sitting by a campfire burning incense.

You can read Joseph's thoughts on Smolderose here at The Scented Apprentice, along with reviews of many classic, niche, and artisan perfumes.